So You Started a Business Blog – Now What to Write?

So You Started a Business Blog – Now What to Write?

Blog’s up and running so now you’re doing what everyone says you need, right. After reading other blogs and reading articles about business blogging you decided not to be left behind. Thus a blog.

Unfortunately they didn’t also tell you what you should cover in your blog, what topic or topics you should address, leaving you wondering just what to write.

No, I won’t say you should have decided that before because it’s a tad irrelevant now. You’ve announced the blog on your website, though social media and in conversations with your top customers and prospects, committing yourself to making it happen.

Back to the question of topics.

How Customers See Your Business

Have you thought about how your customers and prospects see your business — and how you would LIKE them to see it? Hopefully they’re one in the same but for many business there are differences. Your blog is a good way to work toward bridging those differences.

How? Some ideas to consider…

  •  Cover issues your customers and prospects are facing in their businesses. This isn’t the place to sell them what you can do about their problems as much as demonstrating that you understand at least some of what they face and care about what’s important to them. Make a serious effort to do that and chances are they’ll get it.
  • Write about what the customers of your customers and prospects are facing in their own lives or businesses (based on whether they are in business-to-business or business-to-consumer markets). What better way to show your customers how important they are to you than to help them do a better job at meeting the needs of THEIR customers.
  • Educate readers on your industry. Talk about the issues that are influencing you and your competitors today and the opportunities and challenges you see for the future. The objective isn’t to build up your firm or tear down others but to help your customers and prospects better understand the environment.

Showing Customers They’re Important

Did you sense a theme in those ideas? If not, please let me know so I can rewrite it (really, please!) to better explain.

The key isn’t to use your blog to sell your products, at least not directly, but to convey an understanding that the needs and interests of your customers and prospects are important to you. You’re forming relationships with them by informing rather then directly selling — and just maybe putting yourself in a better position to sell more than if you took the overt promotion route.

 Remember, though, that you’re not telling them they’re important as much as demonstrating it through what you put on your blog. That means putting in the effort to do it right, to provide insights and maybe even tell them something about their business that they don’t know themselves. Yes, actions are often heard louder than words.

Sure it’s going to take some work. If you do the work and your writing demonstrates that you did the work, you’ll be showing them just how important they are to you and your business.

Got some ideas now what you can write about on your blog?

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