Welcome to KnowledgeConnection and thank you for stopping by to visit!  We’re a new media company that guides and assists businesses (and sometimes individuals) in the achievement of their objectives through tailored customer and market communications strategy development and implementation.

Knowledge Connection Owl 2

We’ve chosen as our symbol, as you can see, the owl. It represents the insight and wisdom you will find in KnowledgeConnection. Our owl is all business, too – tough, focused and ready for action.

You’ll also find in us other traits of the owl, including a very protective nature when it comes to our clients and their needs as well as being great listeners, not only to those for whom we are working but also to what is happening in the environment in which we are working.

We develop new media strategies and tactics – including blogs, social media, podcasts and video – that fit the needs of each situation and will travel down the path as far as needed to assure objectives are attained.

In addition to strategic and tactical planning, KnowledgeConnection operates and manages blog sites as well as providing content for other site operators.  Among our blogs are:

  • Senior Care Corner, a site providing information, products and insights to family members and other caregivers of senior adults;
  • Nutrition for the Health of It, which has great information from a Registered Dietitian with a passion for good health, nutrition and physical well-being for all ages. Join their nutrition and wellness journey!; and,
  • From Our Dogs to Yours, a unique online pet shop run by dogs who, with the help of their human pets, write blog posts about the products dogs need and make recommendations based on their experience and that of friends.

Interested in learning how KnowledgeConnection can contribute to your success?  Contact us for a confidential discussion.

KnowledgeConnection was founded in 2004 by Kathy and Barry Birkett, who combine years of experience with new media tools to bring the best of past, present and future to bear on each situation. They can be reached through the contact page or by phone at (646)580-5669.